Nordic Leaders

46. Failure and redemption with Tommi Lähde

September 14, 2021 Season 4
Nordic Leaders
46. Failure and redemption with Tommi Lähde
Show Notes

"I'm not a loser - the story I told myself for years"
 In this very frank episode Tommi Lähde - Founder and CEO of The Other Danish Guy brand - opens up with courage and radical candour.  Listen in to this most candid of interviews with the only CEO in the world to work just in his underwear for the first two weeks on the job.

 What we cover:
🎧 being honest with yourself and bouncing back (1,47) 
🎧 facing failure and dealing with imposter syndrome (5,55)
🎧 building trust in your team  (13,20)
🎧 building a trusted brand with authenticity (19,31)

Gems from Tommi:
💥 "People deserve to be told the truth."
💥 "Admit your mistakes, it’s o.k. to fail."
💥"The answer to every question is inside me. I just need to find it, it's already there."
💥 "Just as I was about to lose everything, then I was able to admit the truth." 
💥 "Truth sets you free."

  • Thank you Tommi for sharing your insights, with David Goddard, Nick Vertigans, and Stefano Mosconi.  
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