Nordic Leaders

40 - Find the Gandhi within – Professor Satu Teerikangas

February 23, 2021 Season 3
Nordic Leaders
40 - Find the Gandhi within – Professor Satu Teerikangas
Show Notes

🎧 How does change scale up from small actions to system level changes?

🎧How did Satu shift her mindset to become a positive change agent in academia?

🎧 What is - or could be - biodiversity respectful leadership?

🎧 Why does Satu discuss psychological safety and values to start every class and workshop ?

🎧 What is the role of trust, openness and respect in leadership?

🎧Is there a collective consciousness of our minds?

🎧 How can we get a social media balance in our lives?

Listen to the inspiring Satu Teerikangas, Professor of Management & Organization at the University of Turku and Honorary Professor, University College London to find out.

David, Nick and Stefano
have a sparkling conversation on change and leadership with the uplifting Satu Teerikangas, leaving us full of hope and positivity and the belief that we can all as individuals make a collective difference. 

"Be the change you wish to see in the world: We could all find the Mandela within ourselves, or the Gandhi within ourselves, instead of complaining or keeping to a passive stance.”

β€œBy daily rewiring your brain and reframing your thoughts towards the positive, towards the expansive, there is a visible positive effect on a daily basis. And individual action can lead to collective action.”