Nordic Leaders

60 - Environments in which Everyone Can Thrive with Celine Pasula

June 14, 2023 Season 6 Episode 60
Nordic Leaders
60 - Environments in which Everyone Can Thrive with Celine Pasula
Show Notes

Celine Pasula has over a decade of leadership experience in top mobile gaming companies including startups and bigger companies. Today, as the Managing Director of Ubisoft RedLynx, she's working with experiences on all platforms, mobile, PC, and console. Celine is not only an expert in leadership, finance, legal and business development but also in building a great company culture. She is a fast-thinking leader with a big heart for game development. When it comes to gaming itself, she is one of the most competitive players you are ever going to meet!

This episode revolves around the need for organizations and individuals to be adaptable and forward-thinking in order to achieve and sustain high performance.

 Celine speaks about how Ubisoft RedLynx, as an organization, thrives through creating a supportive, flexible, and innovative work environment where individuals feel psychologically safe and motivated to perform at their best.

  1. Psychological Safety: Creating an environment where employees feel secure and unthreatened is crucial. This allows them to share ideas, question norms, and suggest improvements without fear of retribution. It cultivates a culture of innovation and performance.
  2. Time Management and Thoughtful Planning: Celine emphasizes the importance of deliberate time management, such as setting aside slots for thinking and having clear goals for meetings. These strategies ensure that employees are not overwhelmed and can focus on tasks effectively.
  3. Role Modelling and Leadership: Leaders play a vital role in high performance environments. They not only guide and inspire employees, but they also model the behaviours and values that lead to success.
  4. Alignment of Personal and Organizational Values: High performance is achieved when there is alignment between an individual's values and those of the organization. When employees believe in the mission of the organization and feel that their work contributes to that mission, their performance levels rise.
  5. Work-Life Balance: Finally, maintaining a balance between work and personal life is crucial for sustained high performance. By integrating games and other personal interests into their routines, individuals can stay motivated and avoid burnout.