Nordic Leaders

55 - Fail Smart with Tendayi Viki

May 27, 2022 GMV Media Season 5 Episode 55
Nordic Leaders
55 - Fail Smart with Tendayi Viki
Show Notes

Tendayi Viki, Associate Partner at Strategyzer
Fail Smart - Lessons in Leadership and Life:
The new series from the Nordic Leaders. We couldn’t possibly imagine a better way to start our Fail Smart series than this sparkling conversation with Tendayi Viki.

Tendayi advises leaders across the globe on strategy and innovation, helping companies to explore and create the future. He is a speaker, facilitator, advisor, and he’s written three books on innovation, his latest book is Pirates In The Navy: How Innovators Drive Transformation.

Bringing great energy, humour and openness to this conversation, Tendayi shares with us:

💡How failing smart kick-started his career
💡Three principles of innovation including: 

  • You can't pick the winner on day 1
  • Make multiple small bets early
  • Go with evidence and ideas that deliver customer value

💡The two questions every leader should ask their team if they want breakthrough innovation:

  • Is that idea crazy enough? 
  • What would have to be true for that idea to work?

💡And how he we should design like we’re right and test like we’re wrong. 


Our season 5 series theme is Fail Smart, Lessons in Leadership and Life.

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